Delores J Hayes Logo Ceramics Durham North Carolina

I am most thankful for the brilliance, the salaciousness, and the unforeseen tenderness in which life has raised me.

Acknowledging that which is not perfect, gives the entity allure.

I create...and I love it. :)

-One Woman Phenomenon

Artist Statement

In my everyday life, I find that I am drawn to organic shapes, colors, and texture. This fondness has vexed itself into my ceramic work and has created living art. It emulates nature and the spirit of life around us. I work to create art that appears effortless, encompasses inherent movement, and depth beyond its basic function.

I create art that holds true to the idea that we are not perfect, and that in our textured life, however rough, course and misshapen, our beauty, our true character is revealed and adorned.

Creation Process: Every time I sit down at the wheel, pull up to my worktable, I have an idea of what I am trying to create but I try not to always force my expectations on my work. I like to balance my intentions with the intention of the clay, so I keep my ideas and guidelines soft and pliable, ready to be altered.

Delores at Cedar Creek Gallery Creedmore North Carolina